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Now in stock! Goods from the new Yuri x Cold Stone Collaboration! Clear files, stands and the limited cup/bowl design! Due to limited buying allowance there is only one of each item, so get them while you can! http://akibananya.tictail.com/

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New ~Vkusno~ Kuji goods over at the shop! http://akibananya.tictail.com
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To celebrate the start of summer vacation in Japan EVERYTHING in the shop will be 10% off with the coupon code SUMMERSALE ! Whoever your favorite character is we have something for everyone!


Whether you are looking for official goods

Or fan made goods and doujinshi

Stop by HERE and use SUMMERSALE to get 10% off EVERYTHING!
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After some work we managed to get a tictail shop working!

You can find it here!

Lots of YoI merchandise and eventually some doujin! Look forward to it!